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The NATURAL balancE


APPI society (Protection Agency For Insects) is a start-up specializing in biological control applied to animal health. APPI develops, produces and sells beneficial insects for biological control (or biocontrol) and insects for animal feed. The biocontrol products are divided into two ranges:

  • A range for professional poultry farmers.  ANDROLIS PRO® and TAURRUS PRO® are predators against red poultry mites.

This red mite (scientific name: Dermanyssus gallinae) is a blood-sucking ectoparasite of poultry and other bird species. The prevalence of this parasite is strong in many poultry farms in France and Europe.

By feeding on blood of resting birds, this parasite causes nuisance that can result in significant economic losses. Biological control agents ANDROLIS PRO® and TAURRUS  PRO® have different predatory behaviours. They act in a synergistic and complementary way to kill parasites.

 Androlis Pro®                                                                                Taurrus Pro®

Pou rouge

  • For ornamental birds, reptiles and other new pets (NAC), APPI produces and markets the APPI TAURRUS® and ANDROLIS® ranges and range APPIWORMS®.

The TAURRUS® are predators that control most species of parasitic mites that affect breeding reptiles, scorpions and tarantulas in terrariums. The most common of these parasitic mite is Ophionyssus natricis. The treatment is to release these predators in terrariums.

The ANDROLIS® are the natural predators of red mite Dermanyssus gallinae affecting pigeons, canaries, chickens and other ornamental birds. The red mite is responsible for several pathologies. The treatment is to release these predators in cages, nests and areas to be treated.


Our predators are native and are present in the natural environment, where they struggle against these parasites.

ANDROLIS®, ANDROLIS PRO®, TAURUS® & TAURUSPRO®  can be used preventively or curatively.

  • Feed, APPI offers APPIWORMS®.

The APPIWORMS® are the larvae of the insect Hermetia illucens. Rich in protein and calcium, representing a low intake of fat, these larvae are highly appreciated by pets. They are sold alive or dried and are suitable for feeding reptiles, insectivorous birds, pond fish, monkeys and other insectivorous or omnivorous animals.
All these products are available in different packaging sizes to meet all needs.



Our products are of French origin. We guarantee the quality of our products through batch traceability and numerous checks.
Our products are alive, discover them on the site.