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Reference : 3770004055036R ANDROLIS® contains natural predators of the red bird mite. The use of ANDROLIS® consists of releasing the predators closely to the hot spot of the pest. ANDROLIS® is chemical free, easy to use, and less laborious than usual treatments. More information about the biology of the red bird mite is available on this website.

Product Description

The use of natural enemies for pest control is named biocontrol or integrated pest management.  ANDROLIS® are living insects which are commonly associated with the red blood mite in the wild. ANDROLIS® is a noninvasive species since it can be found in all European countries.  The use of ANDROLIS® does not present any risk for the environment, the user or the treated animals. No risk  due to over dosage. Release systems such as PREVORUS® and our special diffuser bottles are useful to spread the predators slowly in the environment. In case of strong infestation several releases in a short period of time can be needed to eradicate the pest.

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    1 ANDROLIS® M is ready to protect up to 10 birds


    1 ANDROLIS® L is ready to protect up to 30 birds


    1 ANDROLIS® XL is ready to protect up to 50 birds


    1 ANDROLIS® XXL is ready to protect up to 250 birds